6 Lessons From The Best CVs Ever

The Competition The marketing and digital industry has become one of the most competitive, with tens or even hundreds of applicants per role it's difficult for a jobseeker to stand out. A CV and cover letter don't actually give that much space for you to shine through, however there are [...]

Would you want to be the People’s Winner or have Critical Acclaim?

One of the biggest award shows of the year, the 90th Academy Awards (The Oscars), were held earlier this week. However, it seems people's interest in the Oscar's have dwindled in the past years or is it just mine? In the past, I remember pondering who the winners would be [...]

Dear Candidates, please stop ghosting your recruiter

One minute you're laughing and joking, finding out what they want from your relationship. The next minute, radio silence. It sounds like a bad dating story but sadly this is what happens to a recruiter on a regular basis. I know recruitment consultants have the reputation of being the devils [...]

Woman rejected for PR job for being a woman

How is gender discrimination in recruitment still rife in 2018?! It's 2018, the #TimesUp campaign is in full swing, celebrities are wearing black to award ceremonies and the gender pay gap is 'apparently' narrowing. However, this week a Spanish Account Executive received a rejection message for a PR job in [...]

7 Steps To Your Job Search Strategy

The Job Search... A thorough job search is not unlike a full time job. It’s stressful, takes time and requires an incredible level of patience and resilience. If you want to score a job you’re passionate about, you can’t go into it half-heartedly. You need a STRATEGY. And we’re here [...]

Why John Lewis’ #MoztheMonster is an anticlimax

I feel like a traitor saying it but was I the only person who was left wanting after viewing John Lewis' Christmas advert? Maybe it was 'hyped' too much, having tweeted the drop of the ad "soon" a whole 10 hours later we were excitedly pressing play... 2017 - #MozTheMonster [...]

Getting the most out of your holiday allowance in 2018

I recently came across a fantastic article on Stylist about getting the most out of your allocated holiday allowance in 2018. You know how that one person in your office seems to always be on holiday even though their holiday allowance is exactly the same as yours. That's because they've [...]

The best Christmas Ads of 2017 so far…

It's that bloody time of year again! Although some people may be groaning at the idea of Christmas decorations going up, holiday playlists getting 'featured' on Spotify and Sky's Christmas movie channel debuting. However, some of us are filled with glee and excitement that it's that The Holiday season is [...]

Gender Pay Gap – How is this still ‘a thing’?

It's 2017, women have had the vote for 99 years (and the full vote for 89) and almost 50 years since the Equal Pay Act which essentially prohibited any unfavourable treatment between men and women in terms of pay and conditions of employment and yet there is still, on average, there is a [...]

How LinkedIn Have Destroyed Their Premium Product

Earlier this month I received an email letting me know that LinkedIn were retiring some Premium account features, but don't worry as these changes will "simplify and improve [my] experience". It makes sense as limiting my search ability and the detail of information I am shown definitely will make me [...]

Spotify, Cards Against Humanity, and Obama’s Career

Last Friday Donald Trump officially became the President of the United States leaving Barack Obama unemployed after reaching the top of his political career but he won't have to think for too long as the job offers have already come flooding in. Spotify posted a job advert for a 'President of Playists', stating that the [...]

What it means to be a Finalist

Finally a Finalist... Tomorrow we head off to London to attend the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards 2016 and this time is more exciting than ever because we're a Finalist! A short 9 months ago we took a huge leap and decided it was time to set up our own [...]

How Burberry’s Christmas Ad was made with the perfect recipe

The Christmas adverts have started and there have been some crackers so far (excuse the pun!). As the UK waits for John Lewis's seasonal offering, Burberry's Christmas Ad has become a clear standout. The beautiful cinematic 'Festive Film' has everything we look for in a Christmas advert minus any cartoons [...]

The Best Things about Working in The Capital

When you're searching for a new opportunity it may seem as though London is the obvious location to further your career. Yes, travel expenses are high, the competition for London jobs is fierce and you can start to develop pedestrian 'road rage' but there are so many benefits to working in [...]

How to stay cool in the office

If you hadn't noticed there's a heatwave in Britain and us Brits aren't sure what to do about it. We're so used to layering on cardigans that when it comes to warmer climates, unless we're by a pool, we don't know what to do! Being in an office in sweltering [...]

Orange is the New Black: Which Prisoner Are You In The Office?

Orange is the New Black has become one of Netflix's most watched programs, and was one of the first 'original series' they produced, season 4 has now been released ready for your next 'binge session'. In this season they delved further into the characters pasts and personalities, with plenty of ups and [...]

Creative ways to get fit in the office

There are so many articles out there on the best tips and tricks to keeping in shape whilst sitting behind a desk all day. There are various stretches, healthy eating tips and desk yoga that you can do to keep your blood pumping. You could follow these sensible office exercise [...]

Why you need to convince your employer to get an office dog

It seems that an office dog is the new craze sweeping the Western world. In Australia and the US you can get kittens delivered to work by Uber for an hour of play time (and potential adoption). More and more companies are allowing their employees to bring their furry friends in to the office. [...]

The Truth About Professor Angelina Jolie’s Remarkable CV

This week, Actress and Humanitarian Angelia Jolie Pitt was appointed a visiting Professor by the London School of Economics. This announcement has been met by public outrage as people flocked to social media with mocking remarks about the actress's qualifications. According to Miles Goslett, Heat Street, it “sounds like a total swizz [...]

6 Simple Body Language DO’s For A Successful Interview

DO Make Eye Contact Ah, this is so important. Let’s pop this into perspective for a second. Have you ever been to a dinner where you’re introduced to someone who literally won’t look you in the eye and it’s SUPER awkward? You don’t want to be that guy do you? [...]

Are you The Captain or Iron Man of candidates?

Last Friday I could not wait to get to the cinema to watch the long-awaited Captain America: Civil War and it was awesome! I am a sucker for superhero movies so it's no surprised that I loved this latest installment. I thought the premise of the film was a refreshing [...]

Why you need to be like Kimmy Schmidt when jobseeking

You may have seen Netflix have just released the 2nd series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and if you haven't watched season one well the title should give it away. The series, created by Tina Fey, follows our heroine, Kimmy Schmidt, who finds herself rescued from a cult after 15 years in an [...]

17 Things You Shouldn’t Do In An Interview

We’re always reading about how to conduct ourselves in interviews. Interview best practice is valuable advice, especially if a fantastic career opportunity is at stake. Have you ever thought about the things you SHOULDN’T do in an interview? We have. Check these out: Failure to blink   Excessive sweating   [...]

How to survive a day at work with a hangover

You've woken up. Dry mouth, searing pain in your head, a somersaulting tummy wishing you could stay still and surrender  yourself to your duvet and call it a day - at 7am. Sadly, you've got to crawl from the bed to the shower, jump on a train and get to [...]

11 Of The Most Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

The interview is one of the most written about subjects in the recruitment/jobseeker space and for good reason. We’ve all had them. Whether we were interviewing for our first Saturday job as a teenager, or at various stages throughout our careers, we’ve had them! Many people think they can just [...]

9 Jobseeker Tips To Get You Back In The Game

Surviving unemployed for any period of time, whether you’ve had to take a significant break or whether you simply can’t find a role can be a painstakingly difficult time. Trying to get back into work afterwards can feel daunting, but don't worry we're here to help. We’ve compiled some vital tips [...]

The Fastest Growing Companies In The UK You Need To Work For

Every year The Sunday Times, in partnership with Virgin, produce a list of the fastest growing businesses in the UK: Fast Track 100. These companies have had phenomenal grow in the past years and aren't slowing down any time soon. These are the companies everyone wants to work for, not [...]

When You Know It’s Time To Leave Your Job

We’ve all sat and wished to be somewhere else. Wished to be on a beach with the gentle waves rocking us into a near unconscious state. However, you’re not under palm trees. You’re actually being jerked out of your daydreaming by an abrupt stop on the Northern Line speeding into [...]

9 Strange And Unusual Jobs From Around The World

Have you ever spoken to someone about their job and thought; "That's just not fair" or "How can you get paid to do that?!" However there are some dream jobs out there that a very small amount of individuals get paid to do. Take, for example, a chocolate taster or [...]

The Top 10 Interviews from the Movies

Are you nervous about an upcoming interview? Want some tips or just fancy a bit of procrastination? We've put together nine of the best interviews featured on the Big Screen. From undervalued Ben Affleck who has had about enough to the over excited Vaughn and Wilson in The Internship, there's something [...]

Why Your Small-Talk is as Important as Your Interview

A recent study undertaken by Resurgo Trust (a charity which helps disadvantaged young people into work) discovered that the first 12 words candidate says could make or break whether they are offered a job. It’s not all about your interview techniques instead it can be about the small talk. They [...]

Our Unexpected Journey: How it all began

  Thinking back to where it all began... Three years ago I was sitting at my desk at OnlyMarketingJobs when our 'newbies' arrived. This was quite exciting. We had just moved to London and had fresh blood injected into the company. Unbeknown to me, something had been set in motion. [...]