How is gender discrimination in recruitment still rife in 2018?!

It’s 2018, the #TimesUp campaign is in full swing, celebrities are wearing black to award ceremonies and the gender pay gap is ‘apparently’ narrowing. However, this week a Spanish Account Executive received a rejection message for a PR job in Barcelona, stating that they needed a man for the job. Apparently a woman just would not do!

Carla Forcada screenshot the corespondance and posted it on Twitter saying that it is “amazing that there are still companies that do not support gender equality in the workplace.”

For those of us who don’t speak Spanish their response roughly (thank you Bablefish) translates to:

“Thank you for your CV, at the moment we are in the selection process however we are looking for a guy for this role as the accounts involved are Carglass and Coca-Cola, and believe me, they need a man to hold the pace, visits, knowledge of production, etc.

But we have your professional history if we have any future roles. Thank you and good luck!”

Following the publication of Carla’s tweet, Impulsa Comunicación’s clients CocaCola have ceased working with them, tweeting publicly their disappointment in the PR company as they are an equal opportunity employer.

“The Coca-Cola Company does not work with Impulsa Comunicación and rejects this type of discriminatory responses. We have an inclusive, diverse and equal recruitment policy. We regret to see our name associated with this discriminatory and unfortunate response”

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that this is uncommon in EU countries with people responding that many job adverts state which gender and age they are looking for.

In the UK it is against the law to treat someone less favourably than someone else because of a personal characteristic, eg religion, gender or age within the hiring process. However, I’m sure discriminatory practices are still rife in the industry companies would not be so blatant in rejecting a candidate based on any of these criteria. Their brazen acceptance of gender discrimination is disguising behavior to see in 2018 and should not be tolerated under any circumstance.