One of the biggest award shows of the year, the 90th Academy Awards (The Oscars), were held earlier this week. However, it seems people’s interest in the Oscar’s have dwindled in the past years or is it just mine? In the past, I remember pondering who the winners would be but if you were to ask me which of the nominees should win Best Picture this year, I could only honestly root for one as I hadn’t seen (or even heard of) most of the others.

The Best Picture Nominees:
Call Me By Your Name
Darkest Hour
Get Out
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
The Post
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
WINNER: The Shape of Water

I like to think of myself as a movie buff but the only film I’d seen in this list was Get Out – great film by the way I would thoroughly recommend. I know that eventually I’ll get around to watching some others over the next year but I have to wonder how a film that I’d never even heard of was so successful with the critics. This got me to thinking: how ‘popular’ are the winners?

In 2017 there were some huge box office hits: Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Greatest Showman, and Beauty and the Beast. So why weren’t these nominated for an award? It seems strange that the big box office hits of 2017 were absent from the awards winners. I took a look at the numbers and there is a clear difference between the winners at The Awards and at the cinema:

Academy Award Winners: Oscar Wins Oscar Nominations Worldwide Box Office
The Shape of Water  4 13  $126,393,976
Darkest Hour  2 6  $138,523,989
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  2 7  $131,000,189
Dunkirk  3 8 $500,710,907


Now compare these with the highest grossing movies of 2017:

Box Office Winners: Oscar Wins Oscar Nominations Worldwide Box Office
Star Wars Ep. VIII: The Last Jedi 0 4 $1,322,849,717
Beauty and the Beast 0 2 $1,263,109,573
The Fate of the Furious 0 0 $1,237,466,026
Despicable Me 3 0 0 $1,034,542,646


It seems crazy to think that the ‘losers’ have earned almost $1 Billion more at the box office than the ‘winners’. It seems that it’s quite rare for a film to be both the critics and people’s choice. So, which would you prefer?

Would you prefer to receive all the critical acclaim, win multiple awards in your field or would you want to be a winner with your clients and customers? I can’t help but feel that although it’s great to have a trophy case full of awards, I’d prefer for my clients and customers to be happy. I mean, ideally you’d want to be both – and Coco (2017) has come close with 2 Oscar wins and $738,977,849 made so far at the box office – but if this is a rarity, what is more important to you?