One minute you’re laughing and joking, finding out what they want from your relationship. The next minute, radio silence. It sounds like a bad dating story but sadly this is what happens to a recruiter on a regular basis. I know recruitment consultants have the reputation of being the devils spawn, callous and thick skinned but even we get tired of being ignored.

We understand

We appreciate that when you first saw the role, you were excited, the anticipation of something new was overwhelming. You dove straight in, head first, and emailed your CV over in a flurry of excitement. An hour or a day later you’ve taken another look at the job spec, the company or your own situation and have gotten cold feet. This happens. Maybe it’s not the best time for you to make a move, perhaps you’ve realised it’s not quite the industry or company you’d like to join. After all, taking a new job is a big change, it’s a commitment which will usually last a minimum of 1 year. We understand.

Don’t ask for a ‘raincheck’ if you don’t mean it

I know it seems like a nicer way to let us down but if you don’t ever have any intention to meet with us or our client again please don’t tell us you do. Things come up, last minute meetings, the flu or the desperate need to ‘wash your hair’. We know there are times that you may need to reschedule or postpone your interview but please don’t ask us to reschedule if you have no intention of ever seeing us again. Not only does this hurt us but our clients (your potential employer) who is also left waiting, wondering…

Don’t ignore us

You jumped into this relationship without thinking and now you’re having second thoughts. You’ve decided it would be easier for the both of us if you simply remove yourself from the situation, you just haven’t told the other half of this relationship. After all you’re just ‘another candidate’ they won’t care. Wrong. Although recruiters get a bad rep a lot of the time, if you’ve been headhunted it’s most likely that they’ve spent hours or days searching for the ‘one’. The person who has the right experience, skill set and would be a great cultural match for the company. We’re just trying to unite clients and candidates. We need you. But, if you’ve decided that you no longer need or want us, it’s fine just please tell us.

Just say no

This is the most basic of advice I can give to candidates who have changed their mind on a role. Just tell your recruiter you’re not interested and they’ll stop hounding you. Three little words is all it takes: “I’m not interested”. It’s all we need to get closure and move on.