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6 Lessons From The Best CVs Ever

The Competition The marketing and digital industry has become one of the most competitive, with tens or even hundreds of applicants per role it's difficult for a jobseeker to stand out. A CV and cover letter don't actually give that much space for you to shine through, however there are ways. Recently I saw a [...]

Would you want to be the People’s Winner or have Critical Acclaim?

One of the biggest award shows of the year, the 90th Academy Awards (The Oscars), were held earlier this week. However, it seems people's interest in the Oscar's have dwindled in the past years or is it just mine? In the past, I remember pondering who the winners would be but if you were to [...]

Dear Candidates, please stop ghosting your recruiter

One minute you're laughing and joking, finding out what they want from your relationship. The next minute, radio silence. It sounds like a bad dating story but sadly this is what happens to a recruiter on a regular basis. I know recruitment consultants have the reputation of being the devils spawn, callous and thick skinned [...]

Woman rejected for PR job for being a woman

How is gender discrimination in recruitment still rife in 2018?! It's 2018, the #TimesUp campaign is in full swing, celebrities are wearing black to award ceremonies and the gender pay gap is 'apparently' narrowing. However, this week a Spanish Account Executive received a rejection message for a PR job in Barcelona, stating that they needed [...]

7 Steps To Your Job Search Strategy

The Job Search... A thorough job search is not unlike a full time job. It’s stressful, takes time and requires an incredible level of patience and resilience. If you want to score a job you’re passionate about, you can’t go into it half-heartedly. You need a STRATEGY. And we’re here to give you one. Set [...]

Why John Lewis’ #MoztheMonster is an anticlimax

I feel like a traitor saying it but was I the only person who was left wanting after viewing John Lewis' Christmas advert? Maybe it was 'hyped' too much, having tweeted the drop of the ad "soon" a whole 10 hours later we were excitedly pressing play... 2017 - #MozTheMonster - 370K+ views (so far, [...]

Getting the most out of your holiday allowance in 2018

I recently came across a fantastic article on Stylist about getting the most out of your allocated holiday allowance in 2018. You know how that one person in your office seems to always be on holiday even though their holiday allowance is exactly the same as yours. That's because they've studied the calendar. Stylist discovered [...]

The best Christmas Ads of 2017 so far…

It's that bloody time of year again! Although some people may be groaning at the idea of Christmas decorations going up, holiday playlists getting 'featured' on Spotify and Sky's Christmas movie channel debuting. However, some of us are filled with glee and excitement that it's that The Holiday season is upon us (and yes I [...]

Gender Pay Gap – How is this still ‘a thing’?

It's 2017, women have had the vote for 99 years (and the full vote for 89) and almost 50 years since the Equal Pay Act which essentially prohibited any unfavourable treatment between men and women in terms of pay and conditions of employment and yet there is still, on average, there is a 22% pay gap between professional [...]