The Competition

The marketing and digital industry has become one of the most competitive, with tens or even hundreds of applicants per role it’s difficult for a jobseeker to stand out. A CV and cover letter don’t actually give that much space for you to shine through, however there are ways. Recently I saw a fellow recruiter’s post on LinkedIn about a recent cover letter he received and it was a fantastic mix of humour and current culture which definitely made the candidate stand out:

How to be a Creative Jobseeker

After reading this, we just had to research all the other ways people have stood out while jobseeking. Here’s some of the best examples we could find and what you can learn from them to make your CV stand out.

1. Combine your passion and work

Candadian, Brennan Gleason combined his love of brewing ale with his graphic design skills. The result? His Resume-Ale. Design, beer and a pun – what’s not to love?!

If you hadn’t realised baking is back! And what better way to promote yourself when you’re baker and a marketer combining these to crease QR code cupcakes. Although QR codes were heavily criticised in the marketing world, what a fantastic way to get your contact details into the hands, and mouths, of potential employers.

2. Appeal to their humorous side

Freelance Copywriter, Jon Ryder, sent his CV in a box of painkillers. Combining some clever copywriting with design, he was able to show how he could help them relieve “the earache caused by clients and to prevent high blood pressure and blurred creative vision”. His CV was on a ‘patient information leaflet’ which listed his skills such as: copywriting analgesics, caffeine, creativity, typing and originality.

3. Show off your skills

What could be a better way for to get a job in advertising but to create an advert. Alec Brownstein created several Google Ad campaigns tailored to specific advertising executives at companies he wished to join. If they searched for their own names his advert was the first search hit which redirected them to his webpage and resume. Ian Reichenthal was one of these Ad Execs who saw the Google ads, after a successful interview Alec was hired.

4. Deliver your CV with impact

Rachel Soleil-Lerch wanted to find her next role in the hospitality industry so delivered a pizza box containing her CV and a personalised note to potential employers and recruiters. But be wary as if I was delivered a pizza box, sans pizza, I’m not sure even the best CV could make up for my disappointment and hunger.

5. Tailoring your CV

Philippe Dubost wanted to stand out for a Web Product Manager role at Amazon so he created an entire CV website in the style of their product listings. Featuring reviews, compatible items and free shipping. After a huge reaction on social media and 1.5 million page views, unsurprisingly he was successful.

A creative graphic designer applied for a role with social media giant, Hoosuite. He made his CV stand out by embedding a USB stick in a Lego owl. The USB featured his CV as well as a video of different holiday/themed Hootsuite owls. Their Director of HR, Ambrosia Humphrey, said that this “showed that the candidates were thinking outside of the box” which was exactly what the position called for.

6. Taking risks

Last but not least, Adam’s billboard. It may have seemed like a big risk to take but it gained him national coverage and multiple job opportunities.



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